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Mr & Mrs Abbott - Leicestershire - October 2015

After doing a serious amount of research into wedding venues for our October wedding, we decided that we wanted a garden wedding with a tipi, and my, were we blown away. From the moment I contacted Peaktipis they bent over backwards to accommodate our needs. We spoke to a few Tipi companies and none shined brighter than Peaktipis!

Not only were these wonderful people so kind and helpful at the point of hire but continued to support us throughout the whole process; accepting a million phone calls where I would be stressing about something. The day of set up, where the team worked tirelessly making sure everything was as we’d hoped. The team even helped us unload the ridiculous amount of stuff we had brought in a van that we wanted scattered around the garden. (I am a firm believer that more is more) true dedication was shown in the form of a leaf hanging that how somehow got tangled, a job too tiresome for even the most patient among us. However to my delight I arrived home to see the Tipi for the first time after a long day at work, and there was the leaf, in pride of place!

A very rainy Monday followed our wedding and we arrived to start taking down the decorations for the wedding. Peaktipis team were already on site taking down the glorious Tipi and despite the rain and their crazy busy weekend they were still in high spirits. This might not seem like a lot, but being surrounded by positivity after a wedding is integral ( I was still on an emotional come down)

You would think that after the point of payment, like most companies they would disappear into the background and you would not hear from then again. This is where the guys at Peaktipis never fail to amaze me. Yesterday I received a phone call. Panicking I answered the call thinking I had outstanding bills. I couldn’t be more wrong. They had called to ask how the day went and to complement us on the styling of our wedding. I couldn’t believe it, I am a crafting obsessive so you couldn’t believe my delight to receive such a wonderful call.

I would recommend Peaktipis to anyone and everyone. The team are incredible and will support you from beginning to end with whatever you need. And if all that is not enough you get their glorious Tipis to go along with it too!

There are no words to describe what a truly wonderful group of people are part of such a great company. So Peaktipis ‘cheer’s to you’ 🙂