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Suppliers in the Spotlight

Suppliers in the Spotlight Jodie Cooling

Jodie Cooling Photography & Glow Love Lights

We’ve worked with some fabulous suppliers over the past five years and those that have made an impact and share similar values to us, we want to ‘Shout from the tops of our Teepees about’ and recommend to all of you lovely peeps for your outdoor Wedding or Event.

Today we have Banbury based and multi-talented Jodie Cooling in the spotlight. Not only is Jodie a life-long freelance Wedding photographer, she is also the brains behind a relatively new {but already award winning} Giant Light up Letter hire company too!

Jodie Cooling Tipi Wedding Teepees

We had the pleasure of working with Jodie at Charlotte and Peter’s stunning Summer Peaktipis Wedding last year held at the amazing Sulgrave Manor. We love what she says about her two main passions in life {below}, but rather than steal too much of her thunder we’ll hand the floor to her to tell us her story:

“Photography is not about cameras, gadgets and gizmos,
Photography is about photographers,
a camera didn’t make a great picture any more than a
typewriter wrote a great novel.”

“To shine light on someone or something is to brighten the way. Light gives itself freely, filling all available space. In the right light at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”

Jodie tells us more

Jodie Cooling Photography Tipi Teepee Wedding Jodie Cooling Photography Tipi Teepee Wedding

Hi!  I am Jodie Cooling and I am a Wedding Photographer based in North Oxfordshire. I am also the super proud owner of Award Winning Glow Love Lights – Light Up Letter Hire Company.

I have loved photography ever since school (which was a while ago now). After completing a degree in photography I naturally fell into the Wedding industry (It’s a pretty cool place to be) and I love everything about a good wedding.

What more could a photographer ask for or want?  You have happy, in fact very happy people to photograph, lots of prettiness in the forms of flowers, decorations, cakes and much more than anything else you get to capture the memories that are being made, you get to tell the story of a day that will go down in history for each family involved.

Now, the letter lights, it is very much a joint affair and for once I can say I am the brains behind the idea and my rather lovely hubbie Luke is the braun.  Both of us are so passionate about this business, the clients we work with and the venues and suppliers we work alongside.

Luke makes the lights at home in our Oxfordshire countryside workshop.  Being a cabinetmaker by trade he is pretty clued up on the best way to make wood look like the dodgy sketches I give to him (as another light bulb pings in my head).

Without fail the lights, like all of his work are finished to the highest of standards.  Perfectionist springs to mind!!!


Our Ethos

With both the photography and the letter lights we have a passion for all things that make any big day that extra bit special. The Glow business was born from the idea of offering events and weddings something different, something that adds a little bit of sparkle whilst setting the scene at any venue.  The photography is all about capturing the memories and the story of the day as it unfolds without the clients even noticing.


What sets us apart in the wonderful world of Weddings

I have always said that the photography game is all about the person that you are, especially where weddings are concerned.  People buy in to you as a person.  Yes you need to take beautiful pictures and display them in the perfect way but you also need to be the person that both the bride and groom, who most of the time, resent being photographed, feel comfortable around.  It is about being a people person as much as anything else.

What makes the lights stand out from competition (which is doubling by the day) is that fact that we were one of the ORIGINAL letter light companies.  We have worked hard to achieve the status that we have with these super cool lights.  They are handmade, they are quality and they quite frankly look amazing! We are also in proud possession of a Wedding Industry Award having won our regional category for The Best Special Touch business. We are also one of only a few companies who offer a UK wide delivery service meaning that we can get our lights anywhere in the UK.


Our highlights so far

Every wedding I photograph is a highlight for me.  You know you are doing your job well when family members from the day and guests alike comment on how discreet you have been and what a long day it must have been for me.  (Little do they realise that the editing and design of the images and the album is yet to even happen)

For the lights is was definitely winning the award at The Wedding Industry Awards.  To be recognised as a quality company who had only been in business for just under a year was a huge achievement. The  initial voting system was based on the comments and scores from  happy customers whose feedback actually reduced me to tears.


Working with Peaktipis

I have had the pleasure of working with Peaktipis once before at a beautiful wedding in Northamptonshire.  Fortunately for me the clients I was photographing also loved the lights so they feature in some of the images too.

The Tipi looked amazing!  It was super fun to photograph and all of the guests loved it.  Since photographing this wedding Peaktipis have asked to use some of my images on their website to showcase their amazing services.  I am hoping we will be working together again very soon!

Jodie Cooling Photography


Jodie Cooling Photography

Jodie Cooling PhotographyGlow Love LightsGlow Love LightsGlow Love Lights

A big thank you to Jodie for sharing her story with us. If you are recently engaged or planning your special day, event or party,  why not get in touch with Jodie to discuss how she can help add a touch of sparkle and capture your special day just perfectly.

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