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Rainy day Wedding Tips to Weather the Storm

Waterproof your Outdoor Wedding with these Rainy day Tips

“Anyone who thinks that only sunshine can bring pure happiness, has never danced in the rain” Author unknown

The day of your gorgeous outdoor Wedding has arrived. The decorations are up, flowers are laid out and all of your hard work and planning has come together beautifully.

Oh, and it’s raining too. It’s every bride’s worst nightmare – an almighty downpour on your big day…..Que panic mode? Of course not! They say it’s good luck to have rain on your Wedding day but fear not as we’ve created a few tips to help you make the most of the rain and still have the Tipi or outdoor Wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Rainy day Wedding Tips to Weather the Storm

Credit: Thomas Stewart Photography

The Ceremony

If you’re having an outdoor civil ceremony, a really simple but effective way to ensure that your guests are either kept dry from the rain {or sheltered from the sun even}, is a canopy. These can be tailor made to fit the area of grounds that your guests will occupy and you can also have different coloured materials to suit your theme.

If your bridesmaids are standing outside of the canopy, why not give them colour coordinated umbrellas to match their bouquets or dresses – and even a pair of wellies each for a whimsical touch and to add extra colour to a grey day.

Rainy day Wedding Tips to Weather the Storm

Credit: Left: Ashley Rose Photography via Green Shoes, Top right: AMW Studios via A Paper Proposal, Bottom Right: Red on Blonde Photography


“There’s nothing quite like getting caught in the rain with you”


Wonderfully Waterproof

Our Tipi canvases and Dandy Dura Matting flooring are 100% waterproof {including our catering tents} so you can rest, assured that your guests will be cosy and dry no matter what the Great British weather is doing. Plus who doesnt love the relaxing and cosy sound of rain falling on canvas, especially when gathered around our cosy indoor fire pits.

Rainy day Wedding Tips to Weather the Storm

Credit: Three Six Seven Nine Photography


Keep the Warm in

It’s really important to make sure that all of your guests are kept warm throughout the day and evening which is often thought to be incredibly difficult to achieve with outdoor weddings – however, with the right equipment it’s a walk in the park!

  • A heater is our first suggestion – either a tall patio heater for outside seated areas or a space heater for indoor areas that can get chilly. The space heater for our Tipis goes underneath the canvas lining, so they’re subtly hidden away out of view, whilst still generating a warm, cosy space. We can also add a set of solid wooden doors to your Tipis so that the heat is fully retained.
  • Blankets are great for guests if they need a bit of extra warmth and these can be colour co-ordinated to your wedding day theme. Just neatly roll and place in a rustic basket! {You could also offer these as wedding favours too!}

Rainy day Wedding Tips to Weather the Storm

Credit: Bottom Left: Foxglove Wedding Photography, Right: Tec Petaja 


Get Creative with your Photos

Your photographer will LOVE those overcast skies because they offer some of the best lighting. Make signs to hold up during your photography session that say “Rain, Rain” and “Go Away” Get playful with lighting and puddles that make for beautiful artistic photos.  Hot packs or those cheap single-use hand and foot warmers are handy to have stashed in your grooms pocket. {Our hands are the first to go red in the cold and it’s noticeable in photos!} Go on, use the elements to to add a little raw romance.

Rainy day Wedding Tips to Weather the Storm

Credit:Top left, Top and Bottom right: Pinterest (original source not quoted) Bottom left: Michelle Lindsell


Dry access to other areas

If your toilets, buffet or bar are in a separate area to your main dining, try and offer shelter over the pathway so that guests don’t get wet on their way. The canopy idea is great  if its physically possible {as above} or you could have a basket of umbrellas for them to quickly pick up and use as they like.

Rainy day Wedding Tips to Weather the StormCredit: Crown Photography via Pinterest

It needn’t rain on your parade

These are but a few ideas to help you organise a ‘rainy day’ contingency plan for an utterly seamless outdoor Wedding day, but if we still haven’t put your mind entirely at ease, check out these testimonials and real-life comments  from clients, guests and suppliers who initially had the same concerns themselves;


From the initial meeting (in a field on a cold and wet day) to our wedding day (filled with sunshine, fun and love), Duncan and the team at Peak Tipis were on hand to help with every possible question that we had about our big day. Their laid back, yet professional approach was really refreshing, they pre-empted our questions (via phone, email and in person) and ironed out nervous worries as soon as they appeared (e.g they created a ‘wet weather’ plan just in case). We have full faith in recommending Peaktipis for any event, they are flexible, honest and reliable. At the end of the day, their aim is the same as yours… to make your special day just that… special!

Mr& Mrs Ward – Derbyshire -2013


Huge thanks to Matthew and the team our wedding day was more than we could have imagined, the tipis looked amazing and seeing our friends all having an amazing time in such a unique setting was fantastic. Matthew and the team could not have been more helpful, the tipis went up in record time, despite the sloping field and they withstood the most horrendous rain storm the day before the wedding. The team even laid some matting to create an isle in the field and we had sunshine for the big day allowing us to have the outdoor wedding we dreamed of! Thanks guys!

Mr & Mrs Maycock – Yorkshire – 2014


Peaktipis provided our Tipis and what an excellent, professional service to book! The atmosphere the tipis provided on the day was out of this world; the open fire, the rustic wooden furniture and the beams lit up with fairy lights all made for an amazingly intimate and cosy setting. It really gave a wow factor when our guests arrived at the venue, like our own little fairyland. Despite a biblical storm hitting us just as our evening guests arrived, the tipis didn’t leak or flood at all and we barely noticed the torrential rain outside!

Mr &  Mrs Roberts – Nottinghamshire – 2014


The Tipis were really tested in the days leading up to our wedding, as we had strong winds and almost torrential rain for 3 days after they were erected. There was no need to have worried though as the tipis were totally unaffected, standing strong and remaining dry and cosy inside. (When planning an outdoors wedding, it’s really worth every penny to have the reassurance that your venue will hold up against the elements!)

Mr & Mrs Willett – Derbyshire –  2015


Rainy day Wedding Tips to Weather the Storm

So remember, when served a lemon, make lemonade! Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy your special day come rain or shine!

If you are recently engaged or planning your special day, event or party, why not get in touch and let us help create a memorable and unique day that you and your guests will never forget. Drop us an email on, or call us on 0344 411 3460 and let’s talk Tipis!