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Peaktipis WedFest Bible

Want a Tipi Wedfest?

It’s Glastonbury {aka the Mother of all festivals} this weekend, so to mark the occasion we’ve put together our ‘Bible’ of WedFest top tips and fabulous festival inspiration for those wanting a relaxed festival themed bohemian celebration.

Peaktipis WedFest Bible

Beautiful, rustic Tipi illustration by Mad Philomena

Peaktipis WedFest Bible

Beautiful Boho Tipi Bride at our Autumn 2014 Photo Shoot at the stunning Kedleston Hall. Shot by Oehlers Photography

Peaktipis WedFest BibleFabulous festival fever with whimsical wind dancer flags, British Red Bus Bar, Clementine the Cream Tea Caravan, a fun Taxi Photo Booth and our stunning Tipis lined with lashings of beautiful bunting from Tickety Boo Bunting. Shot by HBA Photography

The Scenery Setter…

One of the things that make festivals so special is the way they use the environment around them as part of the experience and, in a similar way, brides and grooms will spend months searching for their dream venue which offers a backdrop that perfectly captures the mood.
This year we’ve seen a fantastic trend in wedding photography that has the bride and groom in the distance or to one side, letting the scenery do the talking for the both of you. Now that’s picture perfect!

Peaktipis WedFest Bible

The beautiful Peaktipi Festival Wedding of Leanne & Tom, Summer 2013. Shot by Simon Revill Photography
Peaktipis WedFest Bible 
Gorgeous Boho Bride and Groom scenic shot by Nail & Twine Photography 


Naked Lights…

Ok, so not all venues will allow the ‘festival favourite’ of fire pits and bonfires, but there are some brilliant alternatives (or additions!) that will instantly create that organic, magical atmosphere you’ve been searching for. Fairy lights and Festoons are a Peaktipis ‘must-have’ and the best part is you can hang them pretty much anywhere to give your venue the ultimate festival WOW-factor. Dont forget our Fire pits too that can safely be lit inside the Tipis to create a warm, cosy atmosphere.
It’s all about the light when the sun goes down so (if your venue allows) why not incorporate fireworks, sparklers, and lanterns to complement your outdoor festival theme.

Peaktipis WedFest Bible

Fabulously lit up with Festoons. Jill and David's Peaktipi Wedding, Summer 2014. Shot by Samuel Docker Photography

Peaktipis WedFest Bible

Cosy, atmospheric Fire pit at Ceri and James' Peaktipi Wedding, Summer 2013. Shot by PBArtworks Photography.

The Starlight Hotel…

It’s reasonable to assume that quite a few of your guests have probably never been to a festival themed wedding (or maybe even a festival) before – and boy are they in for a treat! But why stop at the party? Indulge your guests with the whole experience and offer them the pleasure of sleeping under the stars in the luxury of a real bed! Glamping is the perfect way to finish off the whole festival feel and doesn’t have to cost a bomb. Check out our friends at Tinker’s Bells for some inspiration!

Peaktipis WedFest Bible


“Life is about using the whole box of crayons”…

If there’s one thing we LOVE about festival weddings, it’s the freedom to create whimsical & fun features that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come! Take your wedding programmes for example – these are really simple ways to lighten up the service & gives your guests something to take away with them. The increasing trends of funny personalised cake-toppers and quirky signs are found to be favourites too for next year!

Peaktipis WedFest Bible

Images: Left & Right: Pinterest, Centre:                                                         

Go Comfy…

Remember that festival with the black tie dress code and 10-course dinner with silver service? Nah, neither do we and there are plenty of ways to make sure that you and your guests are relaxed and ready to party on your wedding day whilst still keeping things stylish!

A BBQ is a perfect way to let guests chose what they want without it costing the earth and instantly gives you that summer/festival feel. Or you could go super-chilled and have a fish & chips/burger van like a true Glastonbury-goer! Check out our fab friends at Percy & Lilys, with their two vintage Citroen H Vans serving lots of scrumptious gnosh!

Peaktipis WedFest Bible

Charlotte & Oli enjoyed traditional Fish & Chips at their Peaktipis Wedfest, Spring 2013. Shot by HBA Photography

Peaktipis WedFest Bible

Beautiful pulled pork & BBQ braised Beef and the beautiful Lily, the lemon Citroen H van from Percy & Lilys

…and where better to eat than in a chill-out area on a few benches, deck chairs or beanbags to complete the experience. Ahhhhhhh, now that’s our kind of wedding!

Peaktipis WedFest Bible

 An area to escape for a breather for five, in our intimate chill-out area with soft, cosy & comfortable furniture.

Peaktipis WedFest Bible

An outdoor lounging area complete with deck chairs to soak up that summer time sunshine. Shot by Oehlers Photography

Go Live or Go Home…

All festivals have their differences and it’s pretty hard to spot trends that cater to all couples for an event as personal as a wedding… apart from one brilliant thing. Live music! Nothing says ‘festival’ better than the raw energy created by the musicians’ right there in front of you.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to have your wedding song performed in a bespoke ‘once in a life time’ way – bliss.

Peaktipis WedFest Bible

The awesome Richie Muir & his crew rocked the Tipis for Richard & Katy's Peaktipis Wedding. Summer 2013. Shot by Paul Dale Photography

Peaktipis WedFest Bible

Natalia & Jon had a four piece live band to shake a tail feather in the Tipis to. Summer 2013. Shot by Mel Cowell Photography.

If you are recently engaged or planning your special day and fancy a Tipi WedFest, why not get in touch and let us help create a memorable and unique day that you and your guests will never forget. Drop us a email on [email protected], or call us on 0344 411 3460 and let’s talk Tipis!

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