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Tell Me More About A Tipi!


ourtipisOur beautiful giant Tipi tents – also referred to as Giant Hatstepee‘steepee‘s and kåta’s, are traced back to the Sami people of Lapland. They were used as temporary homes along the seasonal migration routes, where their strength and ability to provide warmth and comfort in winter, remain cool in the heat of summer and dry during heavy down-pours proved invaluable.

So, we can safely say that our magnificent tipis are suitable for all seasons, which is a real bonus with the typical all-year-round British Weather! They are so versatile that an unlimited number of them to be linked together creating a bespoke configuration, perfectly suited to any event, large or small.

Featuring exposed, solid spruce wooden poles and a light tan-coloured canvas, our rustic tipis are a strikingly beautiful space whether kept simple or luxuriously furnished. Their flexibility provides the option to elevate each side of the tipi, making them resemble a ‘giant hat’. This significantly increases the covered space and is perfect for those long summer evenings. Alternatively, each side can be left down to create an enclosed and cosy space during winter.

All of our Tipis feature a fire retardant cover, making it possible to include a rustic open-pit fire as a stunning focal point and allowing guests to enjoy a wonderful and unique outdoor experience, whilst indoors.


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NEW for 2018, we’ve launched our very own EXCLUSIVE Tipi Wedding Venue – The Hidden Hive, located in the heart of the Derbyshire National Forest. Contact us to book a show-around tour and get details of our amazing offer.