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It’s all about the Lighting

Ten ways to get creative with Outdoor Wedding Lighting

It’s no secret that there’s something pretty special about outdoor Weddings that’s rare to find indoors – versatility – but sometimes it can be hard to know what to do with your blank canvas! We could spend hours talking about different styles and décor, but we’ve started with our favourite feature that’s sure to compliment everyone’s taste; gorgeous, magical lighting.

Lights are the perfect way to create any kind of atmosphere, you’ve just got to know how. Whether it’s a romantic, relaxed, rustic or a lively feel you’re searching for, here’s a few ideas of how you can go from ordinary to extraordinary with these simple effects. What’s more is you can use any {or all!} of these fab lights in our gorgeous Tipis so get your creative juices going and let there be light!


1. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are perfect for a magical, fairy tale glow. Wind around pillars/poles to ‘frame’ your venue or drape from trees to make a ‘wonderland walkway’ for your guests. Available to hire in different combinations through yours truly.

Fairy Lights Lighting

Image Credits: Top Left: Three Six Seven Nine Photography, Top Right: Mel Cowell Photography, Bottom Left: Peaktipis, Bottom Middle: Paul Read Weddings, Bottom Right: Ed Godden Photography

2. Festoon Lights

If you want to go bigger, festoon lights can make a powerful yet beautiful impact with plenty of ambiance, these are great to line a walkway too with some shepherd hooks to hold them up. Available to hire with Peaktipis.

Festoon Lighting

Image Credits: Top & Bottom: Becky Ryan Photography, Middle Left & Right: Samuel Docker Photography

3. Fire Pits

These are a Peaktipis favourite as they create a warm and cosy social point for your guests. Fan some dining tables/beanbags around in a circle or place near the bar area for maximum effect.

…Pssssst….. From the 5 years of experience under our belts, we have developed and hand-crafted our own fire pits using fuel, so you don’t get any of the nasty smoke fumes or the burning smell that you usually get from even the smoke-less log fire pit alternatives… perfect!


Fire Pit Lighting

Image Credits: Three Six Seven Nine Photography

4. Up Lighting

It’s easy to forget that once night falls, some of the outdoor features will get ‘lost’ without the right lighting. Try illuminating the best features of your venue using ‘Up Lighting’ to create a dramatic showcase for them in the evening. Available to hire through Peaktipis.

Up Lighting

Image Credit: Up The Right Tree Photography

5. Disco Ball

This is pretty much the icing on the cake for a wedding party {no pun intended}. Once it gets spinning it’s the ultimate party-starter, so shine some spot lights {coloured or white} on it and dance until it stops spinning! Available to hire from Peaktipis.

Disco Ball Lighting

Image Credits: Left: Mel Cowell Photography, Middle Top: Three Six Seven Nine Photography, Middle Bottom: PBArtworks Photography

6. Gobo Lighting

Gobo lights are great for adding a personalised touch to your venue. It’s simply a stencil placed over the top of an Up Light which will project any design onto a blank space. Available to hire from Peaktipis.

Gobo Lighting

Image Credit: Peaktipis

7. Light Up Letters

Light Up Letters can be a fun way to add a personal touch to your day. You can spell anything you like with these stand out from the crowd’ individual light up letters. They can come in all shapes and sizes, from table top to free standing giant props. All available to hire through our fab friends at The White Bulb, Mad Philomena and Florrie and Eve.

Light up letters Lighting

Image Credits: Top Left and Bottom Left and Right: Three Six Seven Nine Photography, Top Right: Oehlers Photography

8. Walkway Torches

You can rely on walkway torches to enhance the ‘rustic, outdoors’ feel to your event with naked flames leading your guests to the main event. Our bamboo torches can burn for up to 8 hours too, so the only ones needing re-fueling are yourselves the morning after! … ahhhhh. Available to hire from Peaktipis.

Torch Lamp Lighting

Image Credits: JAKT Photography

9. Storm Lanterns

A simple candlelit effect makes a great addition to your wedding or event and creates an intimate setting for you and your guests, without needing too much extra lighting to set the right mood.

There are many uses for storm lanterns from effective wedding table centre pieces through to creating magical lit entrances and aisles.  Of course, wherever you’re thinking ‘naked flame’, you also should be thinking ‘health and safety’, so storm lanterns are the perfect option for concealing the flames and making it perfectly safe! Available to hire through the lovely Rachel at Wedding Event Design Studio.

Storm Lanterns Lighting

Image Credits: Lucy Little Photography and Aikman Smith Photography

10. Glitter/Sequin décor

A clever design to combine décor and light! Although it doesn’t ‘create’ light, it’s a brilliant way to cascade light across an open space. Sequin table runners are beautiful at night when the fairy lights catch them! These sequinned beauties can be hired through our award winning pal’s at Pudding Bridge.

Sequin and Glitter Lighting

Image Credits: Oehlers Photography and Pudding Bridge.

Nothing quite transforms a space like the right lighting. Whether its candles, fairy lights, light bulbs, coloured lights, storm lanterns {or all of the above} they create ambiance and add warmth for a magical outdoor wedding or event, leaving your guests positively spellbound!

If you are recently engaged or planning your special day, event or party, why not get in touch and let us help create a memorable and unique day that you and your guests will never forget. Drop us an email on, or call us on 0344 411 3460 and let’s talk Tipis!

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