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Bright, Bold and Beautiful – 2015 Wedding Trend

Teepee Wedding Style with a Bright, Bold & Colourful Twist

We’re thrilled to hear from those folk in the know that Bright and Bold is a predicted trend for Brides and their Beaus in 2015! Plus it’s perfect to add a splash of personality and vibrancy to our Tipis.


Live a Bright Bold Beautiful Colourful Life

Image source: Etsy

Your Wedding is the most special ‘one day’ of your lives so why not fill it with a wonderfully happy mix of colours.

Here’s a selection of bright, bold and beautiful styling and ideas from past Peaktipi and other Weddings, as well as some beautiful blooms and ideas from Pinterest for lots of colourful inspiration. Enjoy the vivacious and vibrant fun peeps!

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1. Bright and fluffy explosions of colour from one of our gorgeous festival style Weddings in 2013. These beautiful balls of ruffles look fab floating in the peaks in the tipis …don’t they! Image from the super duper Simon Dewey Photography

2. A quirky and colorful idea to hang a miss-matched assembly of lampshades inside the peaks of the tipis, great for a vintage style!
Idea from the Super Stylists Boris and Betty – wedding / event dressing and styling and image captured by Celynnen Photography

3 . A be-dazzling pompom chandelier twisting down from the highest point, creating a beautiful focal point inside the tipis. This unique, absolute beaut was created by our talented and vintage loving friend Betsy’s

4. Beautiful bright blooms in cream metal jugs from the fabulous Floraldeco Wedding Flowers.  These jugs are a winner in the tipis to create a gorgeous, stylish vintage feel to the tables.

5. These amazing rainbow bright blooms were featured in Hello May magazine {in Oz!} They are rustic & country-style but packed with a strong punch of vibrant colour – great for stamping an outgoing personality to your theme.

6. A fab bright display spotted by Floraldeco Wedding Flowers at the Chelsea Flower Show, perfect for dotting around the tipis inside & out for that fabulous festival feel

7. A whimsical ribbon chandelier, softly floating inside the peak of our tipi. This mesmerising feature was created by the very creative Helen at Honeysuckle & Castle & recently featured in our tipis at #PUWV14 – more pics of this fab event here

8. These fairy-tale like lanterns, floated inside the tipis at our 2014 Spring Open Weekend. With soft ribbon tails & surrounded by twinkly fairy lights they added a touch of elegance to the fab Mad Philomena styling. Image beautifully captured by Three Six Seven Nine Photo & Film

9. Pretty multi-coloured ‘wool covered’ vase bottles, with bright single stems or mini bunch blooms for a rustic, simple, DIY addition to your tipi table setting. Image from Pinterest.

10. A beautifully bright and eclectic mix of textures and rainbow colours in this Centerpiece and table decor from the wonderful Amorology Weddings.

11. A quirky ‘DIY’ way to add a splash of subtle ombre colour to your table, colourful cutlery! Image Source:

12. Making a colourful entrance with a shower of rainbow confetti Isle and welcoming sign by the fabulous Amorology Weddings.


If you’d like to see more fab ideas to add a Bright Bold and Beautiful twist to your special day, then why not follow us on Pinterest and our dedicated ‘Bold and Colourful Board’ for lots of inspiring and fun ideas.


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